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Give your Libido a boost!

Delicious, natural supplements designed to enhance your sex drive

Buy Libido Boosting Natural Supplements For Men & Women

Experiencing low sex drive can be tough.

For many a healthy libido is key to maintaining confidence and enjoying our most intimate relationships. If that drive isn’t where we want it to be then it’s easy to be left feeling frustrated and out of balance.

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For him.

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For her.

Wiggy is the natural way to boost your libido!

No weird chemicals, just what your body needs to get wiggy with it.


Crafted by

nutrition experts


Made from 100%

natural ingredients


Vegan &

high in fibre


So how does it work?

Wiggy is the result of extensive research and serves to regulate hormonal activity whilst reducing tiredness and fatigue. Here’s how we do it:

1. Start with vitamins such as B6 that contributes to the regulation of normal hormonal activity and Zinc that maintains normal levels of testosterone in the blood.

2. Add extracts from natural aphrodisiacs known to enchance libido such as Sea moss, Reisha Mushroom and Baobab fruit.

3. Make it all delicious with natural fruit flavourings so you look forward to drinking it each morning!

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